Ronchi Living

Every room of the house is intricately designed…

Furnish, design, process. The essence of every home is from its inhabitants. Often our idea of the house looks like an image of glossy magazines. We fall in love with a piece of furniture or design, but over time the detail is forgotten and goes out the window. But to have a lasting relationship it is not enough to have love at first sight.

So, when furnishing a house it is not enough that we like it madly. Does it have to be useful? Integrated with the rest of the house, but not too similar to tire of it?  And just like a relationship, you do not know if it will last a lifetime.
Continuing this comparison, only the eye of an outsider can decide if the couple can work. “Often designing the interiors of a home is not easy, you have to pander to the tastes of the customer while giving a definite style to any setting.”  And this is the same philosophy that drives the Ronchi showrooms, recognized by all as a reference point for the design and furnishing of the house, but not forgetting the customer…

The Ronchi was born in the first residential home in Monza Via Carlo Alberto, then transferred to Manzoni, 21, founded by Franco Ronchi in 1978. We also have showrooms in Appiani, 18 Viale Monza and Marelli 321 Sesto San Giovanni.

Ronchi has always been synonymous with interior design and furnishing of a certain level. Ronchi works with brands like Poliform, Varenna, B & B Italy, Boffi, Dada, Flou, Knoll, Minotti, MisuraEmme Mobileffe, Molteni & C, Poltrona Frau, OpinionCiatti, Rimadesio, Rossana, Kastall, Honey, Gaggenau, Sub-Zero, Wolf, GE, Mooi, Penta, Santa Cole, Gab, Modulnova, Glass Design, Planika, CIA International, etc.. Through its highly qualified staff, Ronchi works  step by step with the customer in designing the electrical system, placement of lighting, plumbing design or simply with the help of architects and interior designers to optimize the maximum space available to make your home unique.